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Fulfilling Your Aspirations

True wealth management isn’t about what stock went up today - or a simple number in your bank account, but rather the long-term achievement of your goals. Robert Footlik, Christopher Marzec, and Gina Trofimuk built FMG to financially empower you to live the life to which you aspire. It’s a generational commitment that we make to each and every one of our clients.

Addressing Your Financial Needs

It's always a good idea to evaluate personal and financial goals before taking any specific investment action. From a financial standpoint, we help you by creating a comprehensive investment plan that analyzes your objectives, your risk tolerance, your current financial situation, and your preparation for the future.

The first and most important step in preparing your comprehensive investment plan will be to discuss your financial goals and investment risk tolerance and gather information on your current wealth. Based on this insight, we provide you with a complimentary analysis that offers strategies to help you achieve your goals in areas such as tax efficiency, record-keeping simplification, debt management, risk management, employee stock options, education funding, gifting, retirement planning, and estate preservation.

• Lifestyle- Not only your current one but also the lifestyle you aspire to. We will talk about cash flow and future spending obligations, retirement planning, education funding, wealth transfer to heirs, and philanthropy. Your other professional advisors will also be integral to these conversations.

• Liabilities- The right side of your balance sheet is no less significant than investing. We have access to lending and banking services through Wells Fargo affiliates.

• Risk- Recognizing whether you have too much, or not enough, risk is another core element we will discuss. Risk-management topics will include diversifying to help you better manage market volatility, discussing engaging an impartial trustee or executor to help protect your family from less-than-ideal decisions, and even helping you address fraud activity and reclaim your identity.

• Investment- Asset management goes beyond investment performance. Based on your financial status today, we will calculate the returns necessary to help you achieve your target and craft an investment program designed to help you. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns. Diversification does not guarantee profit or protect against loss in declining markets.

Your Chief Financial Officers

With nearly 90 years of combined experience in both turbulent and smooth market cycles, our team is ready to help tackle whatever life is throwing at you. While each team member brings their unique capabilities to the table, they are all united in a singular goal – providing you with a wealth management experience unlike any other.

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Sharing Vision, Earning Trust

Communication is the foundation of any powerful relationship. Our lines are always open and we’re eager to learn your unique story. Click here to get in touch.