Balancing Wants & Needs

No two investors share the same financial goals, which is why FMG Wealth Management doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all financial advice. We believe in telling you what you need to hear – not always what you want to hear. While not always easy, it’s the only way to build mutual, long-term trust – and is how we want you to treat us in turn. After discussing your investment goals, risk tolerance, and current wealth apparatus, we’ll offers strategies to help you achieve your goals in areas such as tax efficiency, record-keeping simplification, debt management, risk management, employee stock options, education funding, gifting, retirement planning, and estate preservation. From there, our ongoing process helps balance your needs with the shifting landsape in the market.

Cultivating Your Lifestyle

Not only your current one but also the lifestyle you aspire to. We will talk about cash flow and future spending obligations, retirement planning, education funding, wealth transfer to heirs, and philanthropy. Your other professional advisors will also be integral to these conversations.

Addressing Your Liabilities

The right side of your balance sheet is no less significant than investing. That’s why FMG can access lending and banking services for you through Wells Fargo affiliates.

Mitigating Your Risk

Recognizing whether you have too much, or not enough, risk is another core element we will consider in your ongoing portfolio management. From diversifying to help you better manage market volatility, to engaging an impartial executor for difficult family situations, to even helping you address fraud activity and reclaim your identity, Team FMG are your risk management specialists.

Growing Your Assets

Asset management goes beyond investment performance. Based on your financial status today, we will calculate the returns necessary to help you achieve your target and craft an investment program designed to help you.